• YUGO sushi
    First store OPENED!

    -Shop 8, Sefa house, Pali mala road, Bandra west-
    Opp the bagle shop

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  • YUGO sushi

    The firstever authentic FUTO-MAKI-SUSHI(Burrito-sized sushi) concept in India!

    New experience with hand-held sushi!

    The firstever authentic "Futo Maki sushi" concept in India!

    In Japan, we can find this handy sushi everywhere, and Japanese people often eat it as breakfast, a quick meal.

    The sushi culture in India has just begun, and there're only expensive raw fish sushi... but ordinaly, current sushi is more casual and relaxing food for Japanese pepole now.

    We offer the realistic casual sushi experience in Japan with the taste of in authentic Japanese and Indian flavour combinations.

    Healthy food!

    Veggies, vinegar, rice! Souce of helthy ingredient.

    Our sushi contains a lot of vegetables, vinegar which helps the reduction of fat.

    Handy sushi roll is a rather easy way to get your nutrition for healthy life!

  • story

    How was "YUGO sushi" burrito born....??

    From the authentic Japanese "Maki party!!"

    YUGO was born in Umegaoka, Tokyo in 1985. Umegaoka is a famous Sushi town in Tokyo.
    A lot of people come to Umegaoka to eat Sushi all over Tokyo. YUGO has grown up in his childhood there, and Sushi was always in YUGO's immediate surroundings.

    "Maki" means "Roll" in Japanese. "Maki sushi" is rolled type sushi .
    Especially, YUGO loved "Maki Sushi party"(self-hand-rolled sushi party) which was held on the special occasion such as birthday, gathering of relatives.

    YUGO's mother just prepared Nori(seaweed) and Sushi rice and some Japanese ingredients and fishes.

    These ingredients were not expensive, but more relaxing one. It was exactly YUGO's mother's = Maki "माँ की " sushi taste.

    The best point of Maki sushi party is we can choose ingredients!

    Originally, the authentic Maki sushi is for whatever we love to eat, not only for expensive raw fishes!


    YUGO thought it would be great idea if I can make Sushi with the ingredients which Indian people loves.

    This is exactly the authentic and same as the Maki party which we do in Japan.

  • Who is "YUGO"??

    We are YUGO from Tokyo, Japan!!

    Mrs. Yugo(Martha)

    Head chef, branding manager


    Operation manager

  • Branch list

    YUGO sushi - Bandra

    TO ORDER: 09769253378

    Shop No.8, Sefa House, A wing, 7 Pali Mala Rd, Pali Hill, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Maharashtra 400050 (Opp The bagle shop)

    Timings: Tues. to Sun. *Monday is closed.
    12PM to 11PM


    YUGO sushi / Tempura -COMING SOON!

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    Email: yugosushi@delicioustar.com

    Phone: 9769253378

    Instagram: yugosushi1985